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 Guest Lecture "The Cameroonisation of English" 

Submitted by Anne Keyselt on Thu, 10/21/2010 - 10:26

Guest Lecture

Dr. Aloysius Ngefac
(Dept. of English, University of Yaounde,
z.Zt. Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, Universität Regensburg)

The Cameroonisation of English:
features, status, intelligibility and pedagogic concerns

Cameroon English will be described with reference to features, intelligibility, attitudes and pedagogic concerns. In the description of the features, an attempt will be made to compare and contrast this variety with what obtains in a tradtional native English variety, such as British or American English. The talk will also provide statements on other languages spoken in Cameroon, such as Kamtok (or Cameroon Creole), the focus of the speaker‘s Alexander von Humboldt project.

Mittwoch, 03.11.2010, 9.15 Uhr
S 304 (Seminargebäude)


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