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 Getting the Ball Rolling – Transatlantic Seminar Participants Get Input and Feedback for Their Project Ideas 

Submitted by Richard A. Bachmann on Sat, 05/16/2015 - 15:16

On the second day of the Transatlantic Seminar 2015, Sabine Witt from Engagement Global, a German  government office which supports development initiatives in Germany, spoke to the seminar participants. Ms. Witt talked about the work of Engagement Global, particularly the organization’s cooperative projects with the German military, the Bundeswehr. She pointed to the challenges of such a cooperation but also stressed that both sides regard this exchange between development experts and the military as beneficial for their work, especially in terms of learning about the relationship between communication, safety, and project development

After Ms. Witt’s presentation, each team had time to get feedback from the Transatlantic Seminar teaching staff, including Prof. Crister S. Garrett (ASL), Prof. Brook Beshah (Ohio), Allison Schoeppner (Ohio), Steven Rhue (Ohio), and Richard A. Bachmann (ASL), on the ideas they had developed on Monday. Asked to further refine those ideas for the next day, each team met again with the teaching staff on Wednesday for a second round of feedback. After each day, students and instructors came together for a relaxing social evening.

On Friday, US Consul General Scott Riedmann from the American Consulate Leipzig met with seminar participants to talk about the challenges of analyzing a complex policy situation and communicate one’s findings in writing. Looking back on fifteen years in the Foreign Service, Mr. Scott was able to share his rich experience and useful insights with all those present. This was an excellent opportunity for the students to learn about the craft of writing policy memos, something which they are asked to do for their final presentations next week.  

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