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 BA Plus Fellows and Alumni Celebrate BA Plus Dinner 2015 

Submitted by Richard A. Bachmann on Sat, 12/12/2015 - 11:56

Earlier this week, ASL’s BA Plus team hosted this year’s BA Plus Dinner. The dinner—which has become a tradition since the BA Plus program started at ASL 5 years ago—provides a space where BA Plus fellows can meet alumni of the program to get some last minute advice on living, studying, and interning in the US. While we bid our outgoing fellows Stephanie Döhling, Kirsten Eikermann, Sameera Grötsch and Friedrich Opitz farewell, we also welcomed back Cynthia Schmitt, Theresa Rieger, Philipp Jago, Jenny Hoang, and Billie Jean Burkert. They recently returned from Ohio, where they spent two semesters at Ohio University as BA Plus Fellows 2014/15. As their entries on the BA Plus Blog show, they had an amazing time abroad.

After BA Plus Program Director Crister S. Garrett kicked off the dinner with a hearty toast to the assembled fellows and alumni, delicious Italian food and drink kept the conversations going till after midnight.

We wish Stephanie, Kirsten, Sameera, and Friedrich a fascinating time at Ohio University and the Global Leadership Center. They will share their experiences regularly with the ASL community on the BA Plus Blog.

To all the alumni and supporters of the program and ASL community a happy holiday season and a good start in 2016!

The BA Plus Team


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