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 May I introduce to you, a close friend of mine, Hand Sanitizer 

Submitted by Maximilian Mitschke on Mon, 02/12/2018 - 04:24

It’s that time of the year around here - flu season. To counter the flu, the Colleges offered free flu shots for everybody, which seemingly not everybody, including myself, took advantage of. Luckily, I did not get infected yet, but there’s lots of people not that fortunate. There’s advice everywhere on how often and in which way to wash your hands, and hand sanitizer everywhere. One can’t even take their slice of pizza themselves anymore, people working at the dining hall have to put the slice(s) on your plate, what an outrageous constraint to peoples’ freedom. 


There’s also a nasty stomach-bug making its rounds. It lets you throw up for a solid day, then you are good to go again. You hear scary stories of dorms, where entire floors are hermitically sealed, where everyone is throwing up the whole day and their only physical contact to the outer world is when one, very unfortunate, employee of the colleges brings food. At least that’s the word on the streets, which luckily I, thus far, cannot verify. 


I realized that I did not yet let you know which classes I’m taking. The most important and most demanding one, is the American Studies Senior Seminar class, I’ll have to submit a 20-25 page Senior Thesis at the end of the term for this class. But I can choose my topic pretty freely, it just has to be situated in the American Studies. The other classes are Political Science - Intro to Comparative World Politics, Environmental Literature, and Latin American Perspectives, all of which I hopefully can get credits for in Leipzig. ( PoSci is the only one I don’t know that about yet, to be exact) I’m happy with the choices I made so far, all of them are pretty demanding, but also interesting as well. I could still live without homework for every session tho.


In other news it’s still very cold out, days with temperatures above 0ºC are rare, and those suck because these are usually rainy days. Cold, snowy days are the preferred alternative for me tbh. I already miss Mate, and it’s just February. I wonder how I’m supposed to get through exam season at the end of the semester. Before I forget: I got into a soccer team, we've had our first match on Sunday, though I did not attend a single practice session yet, but more on that later. 


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