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Additional Proseminar to be Offered

Due to an unexpected demand, American Studies Leipzig has decided to offer another Proseminar for Magister Grundstudium. The Seminar will take place in a condensed format, i.e. extended sessions over a shorter time. Please note that this may well be one of the last topical proseminars offered in the American Studies Leipzig Magister Grundstudium.


BA Class '06 Organizes First Annual Halloween Party

The B.A. Class of 2006 invites you to its first Halloween Party on October 30, 2007.

With the intention to start an annual event, hosted by the respective 2nd-year B.A. class, the organizing staff is hoping for many of you to show up (and present your costumes).
The tradition of Halloween supposedly goes back to Irish immigrants, bringing with them the tradition of celebrating "All Hallow's Eve," a Christian celebration. Today, Halloween is among, if not the most famous celebration of children in the US.


Office Hours for Prof. Koenen

Prof. Koenen offers additional office hours this Thursday, October 18, from 2 - 3 p.m. Her regular office hours for the winter semester 2007/08 will resume next week on Monday, 12 - 1 p.m.

For office hours of other faculty members, please visit the Core Faculty page.


American Studies Welcomes the BA Class of 2007

The American Studies Leipzig BA Class of 2007 consists of 45 students from around Germany and the world. Almost two-thirds of the entering class has already spent substantial time (e.g. high school year, au-pair experience) in the United States. Their reasons for pursuing American Studies are diverse, ranging from being fascinated by the USA generally, to being a fan of its contemporary popular culture, to wanting to further a better German-American dialog.


Magister Semester Kickoff

The American Studies Institute is changing its face with different new developments, including staff and course options. And we want you to have the opportunity to learn about the full range of choices you have as a Magister student. Hence, we want to offer you this opportunity on 8 October, from 11 am to noon, to talk about the Magister and your future as Magister students. We encourage you to take part in this event to learn more about the many opportunities you have as an American Studies student.

Spread the word!


BA Module Registration Confirmation for the Wahlbereich

The lists of students accepted into American Studies Leipzig BA modules for their Wahlbereich is available for download as of now.

Students who find their Matrikel-No. on this list need to confirm their registration at the American Studies Institute immediately. Please bring along your student id and documentation of the required English skills (you need to give evidence of at least 8 years of instruction, e.g. by your high school diploma, language certificates, etc.).


ASL Student Orientation Week 2007

American Studies will hold during 1 – 8 October its third annual orientation week. The American Studies Orientation Week is meant to introduce new students to what is involved with pursuing a degree in American Studies, to the broader American Studies Community in Leipzig, and to help current students organize their studies for the coming semester (and beyond).


New Picador Professor John Haskell

American Studies Leipzig looks forward to welcoming novelist John Haskell as Picador Guest Professor for the winter term 2007/08.


Course Catalogue Winter 2007/08 now available

The Course Catalogue for the Winter Semsester 2007/2008 has been announced!
Please see Courses for an up-to-date list of courses offered in the next term. In addition, you can download a pdf version of the course catalog.


Uni Journal interviews Picador Professor James Hopkin

The July Issue of Leipzig's Universitätsjournal features an interview with Picador Professor James Hopkin. In the interview, Hopkin talks about his experiences in Leipzig and his impressions of the city.
You can read the article online, or browse the complete July issue of the magazine.

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