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Democratic National Convention Pictures

To give you a few impressions of the Democratic National Convention in Denver check out these pictures:  


Schauspiel ohne gleichen: Auftakt des Parteitages der Demokraten

Diese Woche treffen sich die Demokraten in Denver, Colorado. In den letzten Tagen sind tausende Journalisten, Lobbyisten, Aktivisten und Politiker in die Stadt im Westen der USA geströmt. Die Einheimischen haben ihnen das Zentrum der Stadt großteils überlassen. Universitäten und Bürogebäude bleiben geschlossen. An jeder Ecke gibt es Obama und Convention Souvenirs, sowie Aktivisten, die unter anderem gegen den Krieg protestieren.  


Countdown to the Convention

It's just a few hours to go until the Democratic National Convention officially starts. I have been in town since the 21st. I have witnessed a transformation of the city in the last couple of days. Everybody is getting ready for the official opening of the convention Monday night 5 pm ET. The number of police cars and officers has substantially increased. Reports and politicians flocked to town and helicopters started flying regularly over the area.


American Studies Leipzig Welcomes New Secretary Andrea Siebeck

American Studies Leipzig welcomes Andrea Siebeck as the institute's new secretary for the time that Ms. Keyselt is on leave. Ms Siebeck, who has studied American Studies in Halle and has worked as a freelance English teacher before, has started her new job on 19. August with enthusiasm; The secretariat now offers new, regular, and expanded office hours for students. Please see the Staff page for more information.


Conversation with an Undecided Florida Voter

On my flight from Washington DC to Atlanta today, I had a very interesting conversation with the guy, who was sitting next to me. My one-hour conversation with Garry, a computer engineer and registered Republican from Tallahassee/Florida, focused on politics. He was eager to talk politics, asking me about Obama's positions in different policy areas after I told him that I study American Politics.


American Studies Leipzig Student Caterina Rost Travels to US for GOP/DEM Conventions

American Studies Leipzig student Caterina Rost left Sunday on a flight to the US to visit the Democratic and Republican National Conventions this fall. The trip is part of the research project she does investigating the current elections and especially the "youth vote." See her blog at americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/blog/4 for more details.


Leaving DC for Denver

In a couple of hours, I will be leaving the DC area to fly to Denver. The adventure of the day will be, if I manage to get my connecting flight in Atlanta, where I have only 40 minutes to do so. In Denver, I have organized private housing... staying with a friend of my friend Leo. Tomorrow, the national convention of the College Democrats will start in Denver.


Klausuren "The Canon and Popular Culture" korrigiert

Die Abschlussklausuren der Vorlesung "The Canon and Popular Culture" wurden von Frau Prof. Koenen korrigiert und können ab Dienstag, den 26.08., im Sekretariat eingesehen werden.


Getting Ready for Denver

Yesterday and today I have been trying to get ready for Denver, getting a phone, a camcorder, and a new battery for my MacBook, all essential for components to make Denver and St. Paul a success. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out smoothly at all. I do have a phone that works now, after my visit to an AT&T dealer and spending about $55.

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