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Student Orientation 2008

During the annual student orientation, the American Studies Leipzig community has welcomed the entering BA and MA classes of 2008. The welcoming events were complemented by orientation sessions for the BA '06 and BA '07 classes, as well as the Magister cohort in the program.


Hessischer Rundfunk Interviews ASL About Presidential Debate

American Studies, Leipzig. 8 October 2008.
Hessen Public Radio interviewed ASL for their morning news show regarding the second of three presidential debates to take place.

Room Change for iCAN Tutorial

The iCAN Tutorial (Wednesdays 9.15-10.45) will take place at Dresdner Bank SR 3-03.


Orientation 2008

On September 30 and 7/8/13 October American Studies will host its annual orientation days. The American Studies Orientation Days are meant to introduce new students to what is involved with pursuing a degree in American Studies, to the broader American Studies Community in Leipzig, and to help current students organize their studies for the coming semester (and beyond).


The Biden/Palin Debate. A Few Quick Thoughts.

First of all, I'm relatively relieved that the debate does not seem to have turned out a game changer (the NYT, e.g., asserts that it was not a tipping point). My biggest fear had been that, somehow, the expectations game would work and Palin, going into the debate on her disastrous interviews, would be celebrated as surprisingly strong.


3rd year BA: Project Module

The following students are enrolled for the following Project Colloquia:

Colloquium 1 (Friday 1.15-2.45pm, Koenen)

1. Ulrike Lai

2. Michael Sasse

3. Anne Seyffert

4. Adina Klingner

5. Maja Liane Bartsch

6. Katja Mitteldorf

7. Desirée Schmidt

8. Fabrice Theil

9. Arian Borsitz

10. Anika Postel


Colloquium 2 (Monday 9.15-10.45am, Garrett)

1. Marco Garling

2. Elisa Schumann

3. Katharina Reimann


Welcome BA 2008

Dear Incoming BA Students.

Next Tuesday, October 7, we will welcome you to the program with two days of orientation events starting at 9.30am. For a detailed plan of these mandatory events, please see: americanstudies.uni-leipzig.de/node/597. Once again, the program has been in very high demand, and we look forward to meeting those of you who have been accepted into the program.

If you want to, you can already take one step toward becoming a member in the American Studies Leipzig community and sign up for our webpage. This, of course, is not compulsory, but having a login for the webpage will allow for much more interaction, such as commenting posts in the American Studies Leipzig Election Blog, etc.

So far, 59 students from the incoming BA 2008 cohort have registered. You can see their usernames once you are logged in.


Debatte Nr. 1: Report aus Oklahoma (inkl. Video)

Ich habe die Debatte in Oklahoma verfolgt. Prof. Alpers, der ehemalige Leipziger Fulbright Gastprofessor den ich hier in Oklahoma besuche, und ich sind kurz vor 8 PM CT bei der Watchparty der Studentenorganisation „OU Votes“ angekommen. Ca. 50 Studierende hatten sich im Institut für Journalistik, wo die Party stattfand, versammelt um die Debatte und das kostenlose Essen zu genießen. Während der Debatte, blieben die Studierenden erstaunlich still, abgesehen von einigen Lachern, die der Moderator Jim Lehrer erntete.


The Bailout & Presidential Politics

Prof. Tepker, OU Law School About the Bailout Plan: 

Former ASL Fulbright Prof. Alpers About the Presidential Debate and Economy: 


Demokraten in Oklahoma

Seit Mittwoch bin ich in Norman, Oklahoma. Erstaunlicherweise habe ich die meiste Zeit in einem für Oklahoma sehr untypischen Umfeld verbracht: umringt von Demokraten. Was allerdings weniger verwunderlich erscheint, wenn man in Anbetracht zieht, dass der Bezirk, in dem ich mich aufhalte, der einzige Bezirk in ganz Oklahoma ist, der 2004 für John Kerry gestimmt hat.


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