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 Anne Keyselt's blog 


Secretariat Closed from 11 to 29 July, 2016

Due to vacation, the Secretariat remains closed from 11 to 29 July, 2016.

I´ll be back in office on 1 August, 2016.

Anne Keyselt
ASL Secretariat


both "Language & Society"-Seminars (Module 04-001-1003) cancelled on Friday, 10 June 2016

Due to illness, both Seminars "1003-2 Seminar Systemlinguistik: Introduction to Synchronic Linguistics" (Dr. Reuter) have to be cancelled on Friday, 10 June 2016.


Student Council Election

The annual Student Council Elections will take place on May 31 and June 1 at the Hörsaalgebäude Augustusplatz! You can vote for your student representatives on both days from 9am - 4pm. This is your chance to take part in University politics and to decide who will represent you starting in the next fall semester!

You can find more information regarding the candidates, the voting process and the exact location of the voting booth on Facebook:


Secretariat Closed Until 18 May

The Secretariat has to remain closed until 18 May, 2016.

I´ll be back in office on 19 May, 2016.

Anne Keyselt
ASL Secretariat


Exam Dates Summer Semester 2016

Literature & Culture II

Prof. Junker:
Lecture Exam: 5 July, 11 am - 1 pm, HS 10

Presentations: 8 and 9 July
Final papers due by 21 August


Literature & Culture III


Society, History, Politics I

Eric Fraunholz:

Tobias Schlobach:
22 June (3 - 5 pm)
29 June (3 - 5 pm)
6 July (3 - 5 pm)



Prof. Pisarz-Ramirez Office Hours Cancelled on Wednesday, 20 April

Due to a Guest Lecture, Prof. Pisarz-Ramírez´ Office Hours have to be cancelled on Wednesday, 20 April.


Secretariat Closed

Due to illness, the Secretariat has to remain closed until further notice.


Ethnicity & Diversity Make Up Exam (Wiederholungsklausur)

The make-up lecture exam (Wiederholungsklausur) for "Ethnicity & Diversity" will take place on Wednesday, 27 April, 1 - 3 pm at GWZ 3.515.


Seminar "Mixed Race America..." (Module "Ethnicity & Diversity II") starts on 13 April

The first session of the Seminar "Mixed Race America in U.S. Literature" (Prof. Pisarz-Ramírez) in the Module "Ethnicity and Diversity in US Culture II" will be on 13 April.


Office Hours During Summer Semester 2016

Prof. Garrett

Tuesdays, 4 - 6 pm (starting on 12 April)


Prof. Pisarz-Ramírez

Wednesdays, 2 - 3 pm


Prof. Junker

Wednesdays, 3 - 4 pm


Dr. Herrmann



Dr. Schmieder



Stefan Schubert

Mondays, 3 - 4 pm (starting on 11 April)

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