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Dedicated to Poetry and Cosmopolitan Life - Reading by Nathalie Handal


Can you imagine sitting at your family's table, everyone is enjoying dinner and talking, but in four different languages? This semester's Picador Professor Nathalie Handal can. "At home everyone would just speak in the language he or she felt comfortable with at the moment," she remembered at her reading last Thursday at Skala Leipzig.


"As Long As I Remember" - Laura Varela Presents Documentary at ASL

It was one of those events that leaves everyone in a rather grave mood, but none of the well over 30 guests seemed to regret this at all.


Mele Kalikimaka - ASAA's Merry Christmas Bash at the Villa Tillmanns


It was yet another cold and snowy December day in Leipzig - all the more reason for ASAA to warm up students and faculty and bring the Christmas spirit to everyone. About 30 guests came to the Villa Tillmanns this Tuesday for Christmas goodies like cookies and eggnog and of course this year's Christmas Lecture.


Deutschlandfunk Interviews ASL About Wikileaks Eclat

Deutschlandfunk (Germany’s National Public Radio) spoke with ASL about the implications of the release by Wikileaks of some 250,000 documents dealing with American diplomacy around the globe. Reporter Jürgen zu Heide asked Crister Garrett what these revelations could mean for German-American relations, and for American diplomacy overall.
Prof. Garrett observed that the leaks had serious implications for the ability of German and American officials to communicate discreetly, a key element in diplomacy.

Sink Your Teeth In Scholarship Early On: BART Research Bash

It was about an experimental format for BA students, who have acquired a taste for research and want to further this interest:  more than 15 students wanted to know all about the BA Research Track (BART) and came to the Villa Tillmanns this Thursday for ASL's first BART Research Bash.

BART allows students to perform an extended “independent research project” in close collaboration with a faculty member and to have this project count as equivalent to the Praktikumsmodul.


Vivid Panel Discussion about US Midterms

The German media probably have never paid as much attention to a midterm election in the US as this year. Only the more reason for ASL to talk about it, too. So this Wednesday we invited experts Prof. Paul Rundquist, Dr. Klaus Roscher (Political Science, University of Leipzig) and - via skype from Seattle - ASL graduate Caterina Rost to join Prof. Crister Garrett for a panel discussion.

Well over 40 people came to listen to their expert evaluations. Each panelist first presented a short evaluation before answering questions from the audience.


Hessischer Rundfunk Interviews ASL about Midterm Election Results

Hessischer Rundfunk interviewed ASL for its morning news show today about the consequences emerging from the 2010 US midterm elections. Reporter Alice Schwarzenberg asked Prof. Crister Garrett if the Republicans’ major gains in Congress meant that President Obama is already de facto a “lame duck”.


Bayerischer Rundfunk Interviews ASL About Midterm Elections

Bayerischer Rundfunk, the leading public radio service for Germany’s largest state, interviewed ASL live today for its morning show. Journalist Nina Haftendorf spoke with Prof. Crister Garrett about the importance of the midterm elections for the future of the Obama Presidency. Garrett stressed that starting tomorrow the Obama team begins its reelection campaign for 2012.

This Year Titanic is the King of the ASL World: BA Photo Essays 2010

If you created a photo essay on representations of US culture, politics, sports and lifestyle - how would you tackle the task? This is exactly the challenge our new BA students were faced with during orientation week and they did great. Take a look at the pictures to find out yourself.


Get rich or die tryin'

Get Rich or Die Tryin'
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Lecture with Prof. Rundquist: "Mid Terms regulate the tides of public opinion"

Well over 30 people came to the lecture "Mid Term Elections in the USA - Tsunami or Surprise?" with Prof. Paul Rundquist this wednesday. The American mid-term elections are intended to serve as a referendum on the work of the  President and Congress over the preceding two years. In addition, elections for state government offices will choose governors and state legislature members in more than 40 states.

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