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 Anja Eifert's blog 


Dr. Eifert's classes and office hours cancelled (Jan 11/12)

Due to illness, Dr. Eifert's classes and office hours are cancelled this week (January 11 and January 12).


Apply NOW for the Fulbright Summer School in Berlin (Deadline January 31)

Die "Fulbright American Studies Summer Session @ Humboldt-Universität" ist eine Initiative der Fulbright-Kommission und findet vom 24. Juli - 18. August 2017 in Berlin statt. Sie wird im Rahmen der Humboldt Winter and Summer University angeboten und ausschließlich von der Fulbright-Kommission finanziert.


New SQM Module "Sprachenlernen im Tandem"

In addition to SQM 32A and SQM 32B - "Internationale Erfahrung/Im Ausland erbrachte Studienleistungen" (10 LP) - which allows students to receive credit for study and internships abroad, the University of Leipzig's Sprachenzentrum now offers a 5 LP module "Sprachenlernen im Tandem".

For more detailed information, please visit the following website:


Dr. Eifert's office hours cancelled on Oct 26

Due to illness, Dr. Eifert's office hours are cancelled today, October 26.


Dr. Eifert's classes cancelled on Oct 26 and Oct 27

Due to illness, Dr. Eifert's classes are cancelled today, October 26, and tomorrow, October 27.


SHP III seminar (Eifert) cancelled today (Apr 13)

Dr. Eifert's SHP III seminar (1-3 pm) is cancelled for today, April 13.


Reduced office hours on Wed, Nov 25 (Anja Eifert)

Anja Eifert's office hours will only take place from 3 until 3:30 pm on Wednesday, November 25.


Heather Prüssing's classes cancelled for this afternoon

Due to illness, Heather Prüssing's classes are cancelled for this afternoon (Tuesday, June 30).


Anja Eifert's office hours cancelled on Wednesday, July 1

Anja Eifert's office hours are cancelled on Wednesday, July 1.


SHP2 Seminar Grades (Eifert and Schlobach)



Society, History, and Politics II

“US Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in the 20th Century”


Seminar A

Winter Semester 2013/14

Friday, 13:15—16:45 p.m.

Anja Eifert


Matriculation Number (Grade)


3040679 (1,7)

3043098 (1,3)

2466613 (1,0)

3046428 (2,3)

3047451 (1,3)

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