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 Richard Bachmann's blog 


Threads and Mind Maps

After the past chaotic days it seems that Leipzig can take a deep breath of relief today. Tons of new snow and icy rain caused the total collapse of the city´s public transportation system on Wednesday which made national news. Today everything is quiet as nothing has happened. It´s a beautiful winter morning. The sun is shining, making the snow glistening. Murals of light and shadow, constantly in flux, are being painted on the facades of the buildings that I can see from my window.


Of Borders, Boundaries, and Jefferson's Sense for Names That Stick

I experienced some very busy weeks lately and I´m definitely lacking sleep. Apart from getting all the stuff for the Capstone program organized I worked several odd jobs to get some additional money for my Ohio adventures to come. Since we are heading for Athens on December 25 we were not able to enroll in any Uni Leipzig courses this semester. Thus, I had plenty of time to do everything apart from studying. However, everybody who knows me personally can confirm that it´s just impossible for me to keep my nose out of books.


American Bureaucracy; Transatlantic Paperwork

“American bureaucracy is not a dream; if anything, it is a nightmare.”

I think everyone who has ever tried to get a visa for the States can agree with this assessment by Umberto Eco. His statement, which concludes an essay called The American Myth in Three Anti-American Generations and is part of Eco´s essay collection On Literature, is thereby true and false at the same time.


What a Crazy Year!

For the first time in my life I made it to the US only this March not knowing that I wouldl return to the country I have chosen to study twice within the same year. My first trip brought me to the East Coast; to Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Chicago to be exact. My sister was doing a voluntary service at the Holocaust Center of Greater Pittsburgh and got provided with her own apartment there.

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