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 Katherine Protano's blog 


Analytical and Praxis SHP I seminars withe Katie Protano begin week of the 10th

Dear Students,

SHP I seminars (both analytical and praxis) wiht Katie Protano will begin the week of the 10th of April.

Before classes begin, please sign up for the Lehrbox account tat corresponds with your course:

- SHP I Praxis Tutorial A: ul.as.lehrbox.de/686

- SHP I Praxis Tutorial B: ul.as.lehrbox.de/687

- SHP I Praxis Tutorial C: ul.as.lehrbox.de/688

- SHP I Analytical Seminar B: ul.as.lehrbox.de/689

- SHP I Analytical Seminar C: ul.as.lehrbox.de/690



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