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 Eric Fraunholz's blog 


Prof. Emerson from Rice University Assesses Roles of Race and Religion in Contemporary American Life

Last Thursday, June 5 2014, ASL was happy to welcome Prof. Michael Emerson, a leading scholar of religion and race from Rice University in Houston.

His talk explored the sociology of race and religion and its implications on political biases and communial life in Houston as well as in the US in general.

Over ten years of his field research and that of colleagues show clearly how race informs widely and deeply American religious and political practices. Mr. Emerson illustrated his findings in a compelling presentation.


MDR Figaro Invites American Studies Leipzig to Reflect on D-Day 70 Years Later

MDR Figaro invited American Studies Leipzig to reflect on D-Day 70 years later.

The resulting radio essay by Crister S. Garrett can be found at


Guy Stern Talks about His Remarkable Life as a German Immigrant to the US

On Wednesday, 28 May 2014, Prof. emer. Guy Stern gave a talk on "Memory, Remembering, and the Holocaust."

In his talk he shared several anectodes about his remarkable life.


Dr. Turek Discussed American-Polish Relations and the Ukraine Crisis

On Tuesday, 27 May 2014, Dr. Maciej Turek from the Institute for American Studies at Jagiellonian University in Krakow gave a talk on American­Polish relations and the crisis in Ukraine.

Dr. Turek shortly outlined the basic issues of the Ukraine conflict and the Polish and American reception thereof. He then illustrated the significance of the conflict for both Poland and the US and eventually connected the dots by discussing its effects on Polish­American relations.


Prof. Garrett's Office Hours Canceled For June 3

Dear Students:

Crister S. Garrett will not be able to hold office hours on Tuesday, June 3. Office hours will take place as scheduled on Tuesday, June 10.


ASL Assistant Lecturer Anne Grob Presents at American Indian Workshop

ASL assistant lecturer and PhD student Anne Grob recently presented her work at the American Indian Workshop in Leiden, the Netherlands.


Students Learned the Dos and Don'ts of Internships in the US

On Monday, May 26, students from Leipzig University and Leipzig University of Applied Science gathered for the American Space Professional Internship Workshop to learn more about the application process for internships in the United States.

ASL Assistant Lecturer Bethany Lerch and American Space Internship Coordinator Ewa Adamkiewicz explained the differences between German and American résumés, CVs, and cover letters.

The workshop also focussed on interviews and how applicants could prepare best for an interview in English.


Dr. Maciej Turek Talks on Freedom of Speech and Campaign Finance

On Monday, 26 May 2014, Dr. Maciej Turek from Jagiellonian University in Krakow gave a talk on campaign finance and freedom of speech in the United States.

Several students joined to welcome Dr. Turek and listen to his interesting findings.

Dr. Turek especially focused on how campagin finance has changed and peaked throughout the history of the United States. Accordingly, he expanded on the legal implications of financial power qua means to amplify the significance of a single vote.


Teachers Shared Their Experiences With New Media in the Classroom

On May 15, ASL's Teaching America Project was very glad to host two teachers, Ms. Buhnar-Mittelstädt of the Gutenbergschule and Ms. Eder-Panev of the Karl-Heine-Schule. Both teachers who contribute to the Teaching America project on a regular basis provided a particularly enriching experience for our teaching training students attending ASL’s new seminar “Teaching America: E-Teaching, E-Learning and Best Practice.”


Campus and Community Discuss with Dr. Roger Kangas Transatlantic Relations and Central Asia

On Monday evening, 5 May, American Space Leipzig hosted Dr. Roger Kangas, Dean of the Center for Near East South Asia Studies at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. The roundtable concentrated on US/EU Cooperation (and Competition) in Central and South East Asia. Many American Studies students attended as did a number of non American Studies students and members of the public.

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