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 Eric Fraunholz's blog 


Prof. Garrett's Office Hour Cancelled Tuesday, 26 April

Dear students,

Prof. Garrett's office hour will have to be cancelled on Tuesday, 26 April.
He will give a lecture in Chemnitz.

Please excuse any inconvenience.


Society, History, Politics II - Make Up Exam

Dear students,

The make up exam for the module Society, History, Politics II will take place

Monday, 11 April 2016
Room: GWZ 2.516
Time: 5-7 pm


Prof. Garrett's Office Hours Cancelled Tuesday, 15 December due to illness

Dear students,

Prof. Garrett's office hours have to be cancelled again on Tuesday, 15 December due to illness.
Please excuse the inconvenience.




Professor Garrett Office Hours Cancelled for Tuesday, December 8th

Due to a high-ranking delegation from Ohio University being in Leipzig and the request from the Rektorat that Prof. Garrett participate in a series of meetings about the Ohio-Leipzig partnership, Prof. Garrett will have to cancel his office hours for December 8th.

He will hold office hours during the regular time (3-5 pm) on Tuesday, December 15th.

We hope for your understanding.

American Studies Leipzig



Tonight's GAMED Event "Von Franken nach New York" Relocated to 2.516

Please note that tonight's event "Von Franken nach New York" had to be relocated to Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum, 2.516 (5th floor).

Please excuse any inconvience.



Prof. Garrett's Office Hours Cancelled Tuesday, 27 October

Dear students,

Professor Garrett's office hours are cancelled for Tuesday, October 27. He is holding a lecture
in Berlin.




SHP I Make Up Exam

The Make Up Exam for this year's SHP I module will take place

Oct. 29, 2015

5-7 pm

Room:  GWZ 3.515


Deutschlandfunk Interviews Amerian Studies Leipzig about Crisis in the Ukraine

Deutschland Funk interviewed American Studies Leipzig about the escalating crisis in the Ukraine and the role of German-American cooperation to find a solution.

Journalist Jürgen Limensky asked Professor Crister S. Garrett if there was discord between Chancellor Merkel and President Obama about the role of possible defensive weapon deliveries to the Ukrainian forces to counter Russian military-supported operations on Ukrainian territory.


Prof. Garrett: Office Hours Cancelled for Dec. 17

Dear Students,

Due to my participation in a Dissertation Defense, I will need to cancel office hours for Wednesday, December 17.


Crister S. Garrett


Fulbright Professor Christina Ziegler-McPherson On German Immigration and Xenophobia

On December 9, 2014, Fulbright scholar Professor Christina Ziegler-McPherson gave a talk on German Immigration to the US and American anxiety toward Germans after World War I.

Around 20 students joined Prof. Ziegler-McPherson to listen to her thorough analysis of anti-German sentiments in connection with World War I.

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