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 Eric Fraunholz's blog 


Prof. Garrett's office hours rescheduled to 29 June

Dear students,

Prof. Garrett's office hours for Tuesday, 28 June, have to be cancelled

There will be special office hours on Weds, 29 June, from 6-8 PM.

Please excuse any inconvenience.


SHP I, 11:15-12:45, canceled today

Dear students,

SHP I with Eric Fraunholz has to be canceled today due to sickness.

Please refer to the email sent to you for more information.


Tagesschau Spoke with Crister S. Garrett About the Events in Orlando

Tagesschau reporter Ina Böttcher spoke today with Professor Crister S. Garrett about the events in Orlando and what could be the implications for American politics and the presidential election.

To see the video please click on the link below:



Prof. Garrett's Office Hour Cancelled Tuesday, 26 April

Dear students,

Prof. Garrett's office hour will have to be cancelled on Tuesday, 26 April.
He will give a lecture in Chemnitz.

Please excuse any inconvenience.


Society, History, Politics II - Make Up Exam

Dear students,

The make up exam for the module Society, History, Politics II will take place

Monday, 11 April 2016
Room: GWZ 2.516
Time: 5-7 pm


Prof. Garrett's Office Hours Cancelled Tuesday, 15 December due to illness

Dear students,

Prof. Garrett's office hours have to be cancelled again on Tuesday, 15 December due to illness.
Please excuse the inconvenience.




Professor Garrett Office Hours Cancelled for Tuesday, December 8th

Due to a high-ranking delegation from Ohio University being in Leipzig and the request from the Rektorat that Prof. Garrett participate in a series of meetings about the Ohio-Leipzig partnership, Prof. Garrett will have to cancel his office hours for December 8th.

He will hold office hours during the regular time (3-5 pm) on Tuesday, December 15th.

We hope for your understanding.

American Studies Leipzig



Tonight's GAMED Event "Von Franken nach New York" Relocated to 2.516

Please note that tonight's event "Von Franken nach New York" had to be relocated to Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum, 2.516 (5th floor).

Please excuse any inconvience.



Prof. Garrett's Office Hours Cancelled Tuesday, 27 October

Dear students,

Professor Garrett's office hours are cancelled for Tuesday, October 27. He is holding a lecture
in Berlin.




SHP I Make Up Exam

The Make Up Exam for this year's SHP I module will take place

Oct. 29, 2015

5-7 pm

Room:  GWZ 3.515

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