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 The BA Plus Program 

American Studies Leipzig, in close cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), has launched its new BA American Studies with Transatlantic Capstone Program, the "Bachelor Plus." Within the framework of this initiative, ASL will send a growing number of students to the Global Leadership Center at Ohio University, one of the leading state research universities in the United States, for an additional year of studies. A Bachelor Plus fellowship includes substantial financial support. Please explore our site for more detailed information on the fellowship itself, the application process, as well as insights from current fellows. 

This program is made possible by the generous support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF).

The cooperation partners are:





The Bachelor Plus Program represents a significant addition to the curriculum of American Studies Leipzig, as it constitutes an additional way of practicing the core values of the Leipzig Model. We are proud to offer the best of our students this unique opportunity not only to participate in international learning, but to actively engage in cultural and scholarly exchange with an elite research institution in the Unites States and to promote transatlantic creation of knowledge. Ohio University's Global Leadership Center has proven itself to adhere to the same educational principles as ASL: both entities seek to encourage their students to become actively engaged and confident global citizens of their community through international and interdisciplinary learning, independent research, and the deliberate and sophisticated use of all the media possibilities of a connected world.

The program is meant to allow excellent BA students to substantially enrich their classroom learning and skill development with a structured year of integrated, interdisciplinary, and international study. This experience will provide the students with a distinctive strengthening of their undergraduate career and an advantageous mark of international excellence as they either transition directly to the work world or decide to pursue graduate education. The program will integrate into an interdisciplinary curriculum the fields of history, politics, sociology, culture, literature, language, law, and economics.

American Studies Leipzig's Bachelor Plus program involves Ohio students and faculty coming to Leipzig each year and Leipzig and Ohio faculty teaching a joint transatlantic seminar. Within this program, we aim to create a bridge of exchange, in the broadest possible meaning of this term, between the University of Leipzig and Ohio University, to connect two departments in different hemispheres dedicated to educating global citizens, and to foster personal friendships between the young academic elite.


While a plethora of programs offer students the chance to study abroad, a fellowship with the BA Plus program offers distinctive benefits.

Aside from these benefits that make ASL's BA Plus program an elite opportunity, naturally all the general advantages of studying abroad apply as well. Consider for example:


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