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 The International Juvenile Justice Observatory (IJJO) 

Submitted by Martin Walter on Wed, 03/03/2010 - 16:13


The International Juvenile Justice Observatory is conceived as an inter-disciplinary system of information, communication, debates, analyses and proposals concerning different areas which affect the development of juvenile justice in the world.

The Observatory offers different services in French, English and Spanish as well as other languages, addressed to entities, professionals and individuals from all over the world involved and interested in the subject.

At present we offer the following placements:

- IJJO Internship: 'Journalism Intern/Volunteer'

- IJJO Internship: Research and follow-up on the Spanish Presidency of the EU and international institutions

- IJJO Internship: Research on 'Legal assistance for children in Europe'

- IJJO Internship: 'Translator Intern/Volunteer: English, French and Spanish'

- IJJO Internship: 'Education and Training Plan'

- IJJO Internship: 'Fundraising Development Plan'

- IJJO Internship: Research on 'Social Exclusion of Children in Europe'

- IJJO Internship - Graphic / Web Designer

Essential Skills:

depend on the position (see link)

Dates for Internships: 


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