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International Institute for Political and Economic Studies (IIPES)

Summary: “The International Institute for Political and Economic Studies (IIPES) is an academic program that explores major political, economic and cultural issues important to the Eastern Mediterranean region.


Summary: Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization and has 187 member countries. Interpol’s main function is to facilitate coordination and information sharing between the police of its member countries. Internships take place in Lyon, France. 
Essential Skills: Knowledge of English, Arabic, French or Spanish


Summary: “Europol offers interns the opportunity to gain some practical experience in the area of EU law enforcement cooperation and also to work for an international organization within a multicultural environment. Europol therefore welcomes applications from highly motivated candidates from a range of educational and professional backgrounds to contribute to the work of Europol in line with their respective expertise and specific interests.” (website)

European Economic and Social Committee

Summary: “The European Economic and Social Committee offers traineeships to university graduates who are nationals of the Member States of the European Union, as well as to a number of university graduates from non-EU countries.
These periods of in-service training offer an opportunity to acquire professional experience in one of the EESC's departments.

European Commission - Translation Traineeship

Summary: The European Commission offers university graduates the chance to conduct a translation traineeship with the Directorate General for Translation (DGT)

European Commission - Administrative Traineeship

Summary: The European Commission offers university graduates the chance to conduct an administrative traineeship which will allow them to see the inside of the EU Commission, EU institutions in general and to acquire practical experience and knowledge of the day-to-day work of the Commission Departments and Services.
Essential Skills: Applicants must hold a university degree and have excellent knowledge of English, French or German. Additionally, if the applicant is a National o

European Parliament


Link to all European Parliament Traineeships (including one for disabled persons):



European Parliament - Unpaid Traineeships for Translators

Summary:  The European Parliament offers unpaid traineeships for translators who have completed their bachelor degree. This traineeship should be able to be incorporated somehow into your course of study.   The traineeships are in Luxembourg.
Essential Skills: You must have perfect knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union or of the official language of an applicant country and thorough knowledge of two other official languages of the Euro

European Parliament - Paid Traineeships for Translators

Summary: The European Parliament offers paid traineeships for translators who have completed their bachelor degree.

European Parliament - Unpaid Internship

Summary: The European Parliament offers one to four month long unpaid traineeships.
Essential Skills: None listed

Dates for Internship: Internships are offered in January, May and September, beginning on the first of the month. You should apply for the time period you would like at least 3 months before your desired starting month (e.g.

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