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European Parliament


Link to all European Parliament Traineeships (including one for disabled persons):



European Parliament - Unpaid Traineeships for Translators

Summary:  The European Parliament offers unpaid traineeships for translators who have completed their bachelor degree. This traineeship should be able to be incorporated somehow into your course of study.   The traineeships are in Luxembourg.
Essential Skills: You must have perfect knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union or of the official language of an applicant country and thorough knowledge of two other official languages of the Euro

European Parliament - Paid Traineeships for Translators

Summary: The European Parliament offers paid traineeships for translators who have completed their bachelor degree.

European Parliament - Unpaid Internship

Summary: The European Parliament offers one to four month long unpaid traineeships.
Essential Skills: None listed

Dates for Internship: Internships are offered in January, May and September, beginning on the first of the month. You should apply for the time period you would like at least 3 months before your desired starting month (e.g.

Inwent Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH

Inwent is a non-profit organisation with worldwide operations dedicated to human resource development, advanced training, and dialogue. Their capacity building programs are directed at experts and executives from politics, administration, the business community, and civil society.

Amnesty International

Amnesty is a global NGO working in the fields of human rights. They continually offer a very large number of internships in all their local sections, covering tasks in the fields of Economy, Refugees, Organization/Management, Law etc.

For more information on internship posts in Germany and abroad, please see www.amnesty.de/mitarbeit.

Greenpeace Deutschland

NGO work with tasks probably very interesting for students  of Communications and Media. The link www.greenpeace.de/ueber_uns/jobs/praktika/ offers detailed information on proposing an internship slot but also lists currently offered posts. These deal mainly with documentation, PR, etc.

United Nations

Interested in international relations, peace-keeping, development aid etc? The United Nations Organization offers internships in all countries and for a huge range of tasks. Please see the following link for a list of updated current offers: unjobs.org/themes/internship

Again, your English skills and interdisciplinary education at American Studies will be assets in the application process.

EU internships with European Parliament

This is a very large information portal on internships (called traineeships) with the EU, and for different locations. The bulk of posts is concerned either with translation or with journalism/media/communication. There are paid and unpaid posts.

For more information, see:


The different sites will provide all information on deadlines, required paperwork, expected skills, tasks to perform etc.

AGBC American-German Business Club e.V.

Summary: The American-German Business Club Saxony facilitates contact, information sharing and coordinates events among members, all of whom are involved in or have an interest in business between America and Germany. There is the possibility of a part time internship with pay helping out with the chapter in Leipzig.
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