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 Internship Support 

The work world has internationalized itself so thoroughly that internships are no longer seen by employers as giving you an advantage; they are simply expected as part of a complete preparation for the working world. That is why American Studies Leipzig strongly encourages students to pursue an internship, and thus has created a Professional Development Module (SQM) for Internships for both the BA and MA.

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Internship Support

On top of the BA and MA internship modules that allow students to earn credit for working on their professional skills, American Studies Leipzig is offering an extraordinary amount of support for students seeking internships.

Areas of Internship Support


Internship Offers

Finding the right internship is an important and time-consuming step of your internship experience. Keep in mind that prestigious internship positions are highly demanded so that it makes sense to apply for several openings at the same time. In addition to the list below, please also consult our list of internship databases.

For students interested in working in international organizations, the Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (ZAV) der Bundesagentur für Arbeit has created a brochure which outlines the different international organizations (such as UN, NATO, EU, etc.). The brochure nicely explains how to start a career within an international organization.

ASL has started special internship projects with selected professional partners offering American studies students the possibility to undertake an internship with them.

For students who are interested in internships and career opportunities within the realm of transatlantic relations and transatlantic exchange, the ASL internship support team has created a list of organizations and institutions in Berlin, Brussels, Washington DC, and New York which all work within the field of transatlantic relations between the United States and Europe. We have provided a link to the website of each institution, and, if available, we have included the direct link for internship offers of the respective institution.

Many students plan to work in the field of media and communication. We have thus compiled a list of resources where to look for internships in this field. The list, for example, contains job databases and suggestions of companies and public relation agencies where students might like to pursue internships.

Besides the above mentioned fields, many students are interested in cultural exchange, i.e. working for a company or organization that offers, for example, high school exchange programs. The following document lists companies that organize stays abroad and exchange programs and are offering internships for students.

ASL continuously updates this page, however, if you should find offers that are not up-to-date any longer, or encounter any other problem or such as a missing tag, please let us know. That will help us increase the quality of this section. If you find an internship offer that you want to post on this site you can send the information to asl-internship@uni-leipzig.de.


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