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 American Studies Leipzig Gateway 

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The American Studies Leipzig Gateway is an online research platform that is provided in cooperation with the Frank Freidel Library and the US Consulate in Leipzig.

With the extensive development of the Internet, new information outlets for scholarly research have emerged. At the same time, the new opportunities have made research even more complex. For this reason, the American Studies Leipzig Gateway was developed to provide guidance to students, scholars, and teachers.

By dividing the Gateway into two major categories, it caters to different research approaches users might have. In the first section, Search by Medium, users who already compiled a working bibliography can get an overview on how to use the different search opportunities that the University Library Leipzig offers. The second section, Search by Subject, is geared to offer users a way to start their research within a specific field.


ASL Gateway Research Guidelines

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ASL Gateway Team

Please feel free to contact the ASL Gateway Team at asl-gateway@uni-leipzig.de.

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